Our Mission


The Persian American Chamber of Commerce was created to serve the Persian American business community in Austin and U.S. The mission of PACC is to:

. Promote, assist, and enhance Persian American businesses and all entrepreneurs

. Provide a bridge between Persian American businesses and the Austin community at large

. Enhance cooperation within the business community

. Promote business opportunities with other Persian American in Texas and U.S.

. Network with other Persian American Chambers of Commerce in Texas and the U.S.

. Partner with other organizations to promote culture and social awareness


Our Vision

The vision of the Persian American Chamber of Commerce (PACC) is to integrate

the Persian American business community with the Austin community at-large by

empowering and educating its members, friends and partners and by providing

services to assist in business development. PACC promotes power through diversity.

Join us as we grow our businesses through getting to know other entrepreneurs,

lettingthem get to know us and then referring our clients, friends and family to

each other.



The PACC strives to provide its members with resources to further develop their

businesses. Business Development Training and Assistance.

PACC will be a partner in with other chamber of commerce aim to help businesses

to grow and connect in the Austin Community. (Suggested: Austin Asian American

Chamber of Commerce, Multi-ethnic Chamber Alliance (MECA), Capital City

African American Chamber of Commerce (CCAACC) and the Greater Austin

Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (GAHCC). Under the MECA alliance and in

partnership with the City of Austin Small Business Development Program, we offer

various Group business training and courses, and one on one technical assistance to

individual business owners and associates.

We also help businesses with MBE/WBE certification.


Marketing and Referrals

PACC will assistance in finding vendors/contractors and subcontractors for various

business and/or employment opportunities. PACC will refer our members to many

great opportunities to contract with or work with various organizations.

PACC will also offer exposure for our members through marketing and sponsorship

opportunities. Members are able to showcase their products and services through

our quality email and print publications as well as at our events.


Events and Luncheons

PACC will host many events and seminars throughout the year to help our members

connect with each other reach into the Local Persian Community.

PACC will help businesses establish trade and build networks with Persian

businesses, and prepares companies to better succeed in Texas and U.S.




PACC aims to help businesses to grow and connect in the Austin Community.